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The new sub-brand for READ Cased Hole’s, ZeroTime, successfully packages their innovative logging technology service while providing a complementary style to support their overarching brand identity.

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READ Cased Hole provides down hole technology solutions to the oil and gas industry. The company offers cased hole logging services, including production logging, well integrity and geometry survey, and specialized support for various well interventions.

Supporting marketing strategists, Genoa Black, we were required to define, identify and style the new sub-brand service for READ. A crucial aspect of this the project was to ensure the visual balance was delivered correctly. The identity had to not only stand on it own but also, without overshadowing, align, complement and indeed enhance the parent brand. This successful identity was created and rolled out through various marketing collateral to aid, support and promote Genoa Black’s strategically planned service launch.

READ Cased Hole - Designed Logo
READ Cased Hole - Brocure
READ Cased Hole - Designed Brochure
READ Cased Hole - Designed Identity
READ Cased Hole - Designed Brochure
READ Cased Hole - Designed Webpage


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